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Go to your calendar and find the first entry for each month in 2008.… - do i dare

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December 11th, 2008

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02:16 am
Go to your calendar and find the first entry for each month in 2008. Post the first sentence of it in your journal, and that's your "Year in Review."

Jan: I worked our company Christmas party last night* because I am one of the only underage losers who works there, and while I did not get to partake in all the drunken revelry, I did manage to make lots and lots o' money off of those partaking in the drunken revelry.

Feb: I went to a party at a gay Republican's apartment last night.

March: I just watched last week's Lost and cried.

April: Opening day at the ballpark today, and I worked the day shift.

May: I am dying of tiredness and loserness and depressedness.

June: I'm not physically dead-- just totally and completely brain dead.

July: For those of you who haven't seen I Am Legend, DON'T because the dog dies and it is complete BULLSHIT.

August: *dusts off livejournal*

October: "Just a Burger?..."

November: Things I've Done This Past Week That Are Made of Awesomesauce:

December: The Be Your Own Pete Wentz Meme:

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